Donkey Kong Returns 3D

Sving deg i jungelen med apenes- og Nintendos definitive konge! Den populære plattform-serien Donkey Kong Country er tilbake, i denne 3D-versjonen som er videreutviklet fra det samme spillet som ble lansert til Wii for noen år siden.

Jump, race and roll your way across Donkey Kong Island on a quest to rescue DK’s beloved banana hoard from the trouble-causing Tiki Tak Tribe. Stomp on enemies, grab banana bunches and ride rockets, rhinos and much more in classic 2D platforming gameplay, stuffed full of spectacular scenes and tricky traps. Use both characters’ special skills to overcome all kinds of obstacles and explore each stage to the full – hop Diddy onto DK’s shoulders and use his Barrel Jet to hover them both over large gaps, or roll to your heart’s content and trample everything in your path.

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Lansering: 24. mai 2013

Utvikler: Nintendo

Utgiver: Nintendo


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