Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Med over 500 gåter å løse blir du garantert sittende en stund. Professor Layton-spillene har kommet i flere utgaver nå og har vist seg å være svært populære, det ser ikke ut til at suksessen skal avta når Level-5 og Nintendo lanserer «the Azran Legacy».

Solve puzzles in order to discover the puzzle behind the secretive Targent agency and uncover the mystery of the Azran civilisation! The final chapter of the Professor Layton series takes puzzle solving around the globe in the gentleman professor’s most ambitious outing to date. After receiving a mysterious letter claiming that a living mummy has been discovered, Professor Layton and his team head to a city nestled in the frigid Arctic. There, they release a young lady encased in a prison of ice, setting in motion a grand adventure aboard an airship that will take them to spectacular places as they solve the mysteries of ancient civilisations

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Lansering: 08. november 2013

Utvikler: Level-5

Utgiver: Nintendo


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