DiRT Showdown

Showdown tar den velkjente DiRT-serien til nye høyder med et Burnout-inspirert spill. Her er det ekstrem fart, stilfulle stunts og ikke minst heftige ødeleggelser som gjelder. Fyll opp med nitrogen, sett klampen i bånn og se hva som skjer.

DiRT Showdown is a brand new dive in and drive adrenaline rush of speed, style and destruction from the creators of the multi-award winning DiRT series. Players jump into a new world of arcade racing with pick up and play controls, speeding, tricking and smashing their way to ‘Showdown’ finals to compete against rivals in front of thousands of fans in a vibrant festival atmosphere.

There are three broad categories to DiRT Showdown’s stunning world of action-sport racing. Players will use nitrous to blast past rivals and negotiate courses filled with ramps, multiple routes and obstacles in racing events. Gaming’s most advanced damage engine is pushed to its limits in demolition derby events, where players smash and crash their way to victory in jaw-dropping, bone-jarring style. Finally, in Hoonigan events gamers can demonstrate their freestyle driving skill in huge free-roaming stunt parks with new accessible controls.

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Lansering: 25. mai 2012

Utvikler: Codemasters

Utgiver: Codemasters


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