Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Endelig blir det mer Final Fantasy, og denne gangen på Playstation 3. De to spillene som er nummer 10 i den opprinnelige Final Fantasy-serien, har gjennomgått en ekstrem oppussing slik at moderne og nye spillere kan nyte spillene.

In ages past, the world of Spira experienced a golden age of perfection, brought about by an advanced civilization through the use of wondrous machinery called machina.

However, around one thousand years before the present day, a colossal menace known only as «Sin» appeared and sundered all before it. Though a line of summoners have since brought Sin low many times, it inevitably returns in an unending cycle of destruction. In the face of this ever-pervasive threat, the people of Spira flocked to the teachings of Yevon, which tell that Sin is a punishment to those who relied overly on machina.

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Lansering: 21. mars 2014

Utvikler: Square Enix

Utgiver: NGS


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